• Burrito Barometer | Soho and Sheung Wan's Burritos Tested for You

    Burrito Barometer | Soho and Sheung Wan's Burritos Tested for You

    The burrito is a serious business. With the upswing of Mexican, Tex-mex, Cali-mex and even Canadian-mex ventures to choose from in Soho and Sheung Wan, we took it upon ourselves to bust this battle of the burritos out into the open.

  • Cash Rewards with HSBC at Soho's Best Restaurants

    Earn Cash Rewards with HSBC by Dining at Soho's Best Eateries

    HSBC has just begun a Red Hot Dining Rewards programme in some of the finest restaurants in Soho. This is a fantastic chance to visit a whole host restaurants offering a range of cuisines and get cash rewards when using your HSBC credit card.

  • New Year Fitness | Alternative Weight-Loss Options

    New Year Fitness | Alternative Weight-Loss Options

    We've scoured the whole of Hong Kong to bring some alternative fitness options to help you shed those cheeky extra squishy bits that have snuck onto your body over the festive period in a far more exciting way.

  • Hong Kong Hikes | Fresh Air for the Fresh Year

    Hong Kong Hikes | Fresh Air for the Fresh Year

    It's that time of year where we are all feeling sluggish and sedentary after a season of over-indulgence. Blow away those festive cobwebs and take advantage of Hong Kong's pleasantly cool season to explore some of Hong Kong's great outdoors.

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“Childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief have always been passi...


By AleWilkinson

There is not a foodie in town who was not excited about the opening of New York&...


By AleWilkinson

To narrow down all the cuisines of the world and select my favourite would not b...

Mr Bing

By Foodie

Mr Bing takes the humble jianbing - old school, nostalgic Beijing street crepes ...


By EmilyWordsworth

A new favorite place to catch my breath after a busy day about town, kicking my ...


New and Noted

Rummin Tings

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Rummin' - To drink rum and have fun! Rummin' Tings is a Caribbean inspired bar and restaurant in the heart of Hollywood Road, offering island flavors a...


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At Torimen, not only we strive to maintain high quality standard of food & beverage, but we always remember to excite our customers'palate. When the traditiona...

The Blck Brd

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The Blck Brd omits some vowels as well as pretensions to provide an optimal atmosphere for socialising. An ever growing range of premium drinks such as wine, house-pou...


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Based in Singapore, this stationary company has a branch in SoHo and specializes in designer paper products and stationary. This one of a kind company that just about ...


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Bringing a touch of Australia to Hong Kong, Coast Bistro and Bar is the unique Australian bar and dining experience. This basically means daily market-fresh fish flown...

Chongqing Szechuan Cuisine

  •   |    66%
  •   |    34%

Chongqing Szechuan Cuisine serves precisely what you’d expect, in a cute restaurant on Elgin Street. The small, but nice, venue makes for a pleasant tear-inducin...

Flow Organic Bookshop

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Flow stands for the re-circulation of books, music and movies. It’s one of few, second-hand book shops around town, which is a bonus for your for your conscience...

Antique Patisserie

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Antique Patisserie is the perfect English style place for a quiet cup of coffee. With a wide range of tasty sweets such as macarons, brownies, tarts and cookies - Anti...

AME Gallery

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AME GALLERY introduces high-end contemporary fine jewellery, created by jewellery artists from different corners of the world, curated by the gallery owner, Anna Cheng...

Fitness Compass

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Fitness Compass provides high-quality personal training services from their 2,000 square foot studio in the heart of Central. The studio is fully equipped with the lat...


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BYLYSE embodies a wardrobe that simplifies your busy life; providing you with clothing that personifies the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, versatility, and ti...