Interior Design Trends in Hong Kong: Eco-Conscious Materials, Art Prints, and Warm Colors

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Space may be an indulgence in Hong Kong, but it shouldn’t stop you from creating a beautiful and stylish home. If you’re thinking about a renovation project or just some small improvement to keep up with the latest trends, make sure that you get inspiration from these interior design tips this 2019.

  • Eco-conscious decors

Perhaps this is a worldwide trend, and in Hong Kong, people are also turning to more eco-conscious materials when it comes to home decors. Sustainable materials are taking over houses and apartments – from bamboo, rattan, wood, cork. A conscious effort to help Mother Earth while creating a green haven right in the comfort of the home.

  • Multifunctional furniture

Owing to the small space living in Hong Kong, most homeowners maximize every space they can use. The use of multifunctional furniture has been steadily increasing. For example, furniture pieces that can double as a bed and a sofa are taking over. Anything that can be folded, transformed or stored is a go in the Hong Kong interior design scene.

  • Metallic accents

From brass, metal, gold, to silver, metallic accents are used to make statement pieces, usually in combination with other materials that speak opulence and luxury are increasingly being used. This decorating style is a mix of modern classic styling, sparingly using metals to enhance rather than overwhelm an entire room.

  • Black is back!

Black is definitely back! From furniture, throw pillows and cushions, to home décor – black can be incorporated. A touch of black adds class and elegance to any room. Matte finish if used creatively can add a raw effect to an interior. If you’re going for a black finish, the subtle use of lighter tones and neutral shades can create a stylish home despite the limited space.

  • Warm color palettes

This year’s interior color palettes are leaning towards shades that provide a relaxing and calming effect. From neutral shades to brighter ones including this year’s color – pantone, it’s all slowly making way into homes in Hong Kong. Neutrals are especially calming, while white will always be on trend. Green remains an interior design staple owing to its environmental-friendly references.

  • Wall coverings

From the usual home décors and art pieces, wall coverings are also taking the interior design scene by storm. In relation to sustainable decorating, homeowners are revolving towards the use of fabrics, abaca, and other indigenous materials for wall coverings. Adding textures and color layering are also a hit, mixing and matching both.

  • All about art prints

Aside from wall coverings, art prints are in, in 2019. From abstract art print to modern portraits, geometric prints to environment-themed pieces, there are many ways to work around these pieces and create a uniquely captivating personal style. Blend patterns and just let go with your preference to create a distinctive design. There are numerous online shops that have cheap art prints for sale you can get your hands on.

Give your interior a fresh new look with these interior design trends in Hong Kong. Remember to always keep your home personalized. You don’t need to spend big either because there’s an unusual and unique piece to make everything look fabulous yet comfortably relaxing!