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How to Spot Trustworthy Websites for Consumer Reviews


Whether you’re buying a home appliance, gadget, cosmetics, or basically anything and everything, there are now tons of review websites that you can check out. These sites help you make an informed purchase. But with so many review websites popping up on the Internet, how do you know which ones are trustworthy, legit, and unbiased?

How to Spot a Legit Review Site

Finding trustworthy websites may take a bit of time and effort as well. To give you a head start, this guide lists down the essentials things to spot a legit review site:

  • Go through their entire profile – the review website should have a considerable amount of authority when it comes to evaluating products/services. Go deeper into the reviewer’s profile and browse through their reviews. What’s even better, check if they have original photos of the products to prove that they really used it and wrote an unbiased review.
  • Read their reviews – are the reviews made by a professional reviewer? Because if it is, it’s most probably biased. Black and white reviews are also a red flag. If a review is all praises for a product or completely critical of it, be wary of it. Especially stay away from websites that tend to be critical of one product, and inserts a competitor product instead and proceeds to offer a discount. A good review must provide an objective assessment of a product – features, pros and cons, key takeaways, etc.
  • Pay close attention to the date, timing and even language used – if a review was made even before the product is released into the market, it’s likely a professional, paid review. Timing is everything even in reviews. Frequent reviews done in a short time period means it’s probably part of a targeted campaign for marketing.

Examples of Trusted Review Sites

  1. Amazon Customer Reviews – if there’s a review website at the top of the list, it’s Amazon. The company encourages consumers to submit reviews of the items they have bought on their site so that other consumers learn about the products and whether it is right for them. They want genuine feedback from shoppers, and thus, has a zero tolerance policy enforced for reviews that mislead, manipulate, and promote specific products.
  • Trustpilot –  lets people experience the power of customer reviews as this review platform is free both for consumers and companies from anywhere in the world. Their goal is a two-way benefit: it allows consumers to make better purchasing choices and companies also have a chance to improve their products/services based on these reviews.
  •   Gesichtsbraeuner24 – if you’re looking for a product-specific review website, Gesichtsbraeuner24 is a good example of a trustworthy site. Gesichtsbraeuner24 specializes in self-tanner and facial lamp reviews. Their reviews discuss the product’s features and weigh pros and cons. In addition, they also make a detailed comparison of these products, so consumers are able to weigh their options.

Gesichtsbraeuner24 has bought all the products they have written about and tested each of these products. This means they have first-hand experience with how the products work. And in turn, an honest take on its effectiveness. When it comes to online review websites, TRUST is vital. Learn how to spot a trustworthy review site to help you make informed purchases.