Hong Kong’s hottest new harbinger of food fanaticism wants your votes!

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Foodie magazine, the free little publication focused squarely on Hong Kong’s interminable appetite, is offering readers a chance to win a bevy of goodies worth HK$100,000. Simply by casting a vote in Foodie’s upcoming -and imaginatively titled- restaurant awards, ‘the foodies’, voters will find themselves happy participants in the prize draw. At the time of writing no information has been released about what’s up for grabs, but the latest (August) issue of Foodie promises a full list of rewards next month.

The pint-sized magazine has gone from strength to strength recently, revamping itself by launching a vibrant new look and attracting an editorial range that genuinely demands notice. Monthly contributors from all manner of food and beverage backgrounds now litter the diminutive pages sharing space with guest reviews, insights and columns that garner an innocent charm which certainly looks to keep things relevant.

You’ll no doubt spot the powder blue cover on your travels over the coming weeks, so picking it up and getting involved is a simple affair.