Discover, the Power of Collective Buying

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Every day or two, a new deal is offered to you on – spa treatments, cooking classes with renowned chefs, sailing expeditions & many others – at half price or more.

In just a few clicks, you can buy the deal. Once enough buyers bought in, the deal is on. You will then receive the Twangoo (i.e. the voucher) and you can redeem it with the merchant and enjoy the service whenever you like.

Tuángòu (團購 – twangoo), which translates as team buying or group buying, is a recently developed shopping strategy originated in the PRC. Several people, connected over the Internet – agreed to approach a vendor of a specific product in order to haggle with the proprietor as a group in order to get discounts. The entire group agrees to purchase the same item.

The shoppers benefit by paying less, and the business benefits by selling multiple items at once – a win/win strategy.

The best stuff to do, eat and buy in town…

Twangoo representatives handpick top-rated business partners only. Check their “Recent Deals” section on their website and you will find, amongst others: M1NT, Dragon-i, Feel Good Factor, La Terrasse, Luxe City Guides…

… at an irresistible price…

Twangoo representatives negotiate for you top prices never seen before. How do they do this: they guarantee a minimum number of new clients to their top-rated business partners. That’s the benefit of collective buying power and it is

win/win for you and businesses.

… and with a great service.

It is super easy. Just buy the deal you like on and tell your friends about it. Once the guaranteed minimum number of buyers is reached, the deal is on and you receive your Twangoo. You can just use it whenever you want. (Otherwise, the deal is off and you are not charged).

“ is a new way to discover Hong Kong” says Nicolas Reille, co-founder of Twangoo Ltd. “We only feature the best quality at the best price so our clients feel comfortable when venturing and trying new activities, restaurants, adventures…”, he continues. “Our clients share our deals with their friends through blog, Facebook, Twitter and other means of social media, to spread the word of any new Twangoo to make sure we reach the minimum number of buyers.”