Hongkong Sevens Rugby Survival Guide


What is the big deal with the South Stand?

If you’re venturing into the South Stand, be prepared to arrive at the stadium at 10am at the latest on Saturday and Sunday morning to be guaranteed a place amongst the fancy-dress sporting, beer-jug throwing masses. Not for the faint hearted, this is rugby raucousness at its most rampant. If you want to watch the mayhem, without being in the middle of it, head to the South side of the East or West stands.

What should I have in my survivor’s kit for the stadium?

Sun cream, a hat and an umbrella to prepare for Hong Kong’s unpredictable weather and cash – the queues for the ATMs grow monumental.

Fancy dress?

Oh go on! Everyone else will! If you’re stuck for an outfit head to Pottinger Street, just off Lyndhurst Terrace, where you’ll find a dizzying costume market selling everything from flashing sunglasses to furry beast masks.

How about the actual rugby? What’s this “sevens” tournament all about?

The Hong Kong Sevens is one of the biggest tournaments in the rugby sevens calendar. In a nutshell, 24 participating teams represent their country in the three-day tournament. Seven players per team play seven minutes each way. There are six pools of four teams each and each team plays one game in their pool.

Who should I bet on winning?

The Fijians are incredible at Sevens and have won the tournament a whopping 11 times. Second in line for the cup would be New Zealand, who have won nine times with Australia hot on their heels having won five times. The Brits are also in with a chance and have won four previous tournaments.