Taku, SoHo (Reopening)


Last week I was invited to attend a Media Tasting Dinner at Taku to celebrate its grand reopening. After a respectable chunk of time (for Hong Kong) serving traditional Japanese fare to t...

Get Ready for Le French May 2014


Ooo la la! French culture is coming to Hong Kong. Celebrate everything 'Francais' with nearly two months of cultural events in Hong Kong and Macau.



If there’s one type of cuisine I will never tire of, no matter how many new restaurants open, it’s Italian, particularly one that’s a little bit different and ever so sp...

Aberdeen Street


Tucked above Staunton Street is a charming Restaurant and Bar serving up well thought-out and reasonably priced Mediterranean fare in a relaxed environment.

New Menu @ Blue Butcher


Just one week after I visited them for their delicious brunch (probably one of the best I had in Hong Kong - the Foie Gras station is simply ecstatic!), I was invited to try their new men...