Hip Hangout, French American Bistro Gets Ready for Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re a devoted couple or a couple of single hipsters having an ironic “non-Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day”, French American Bistro is a great V Day hangout, and maybe even find a date. The hybrid bistro has a Valentine’s menu out, and even if you’re not attached – it’s worth a taste.

The chefs at F.A.B.(French American Bistro) have prepared two dishes to choose from: the Salmon and Scallop Carpaccio, fresh from the seas of Norway and the States and a bowl of some French Quail Consomme with Morel and Sherry to keep you warm.

For the main course, diners can choose between the mouthwatering French Duck Platter, laid on a dab of Port Reduction and Apple Chutney, and the Pan Fried Black Cod Fillet and King Prawn, served with some crab meat cream sauce, baby carrots and asparagus.

Cap off the meal with a choice between the Cheese Platter, which will feature three different kinds of cheese, a portion good for two people, selected by the chef just for you! Or you can indulge yourself with the lip-smacking Dessert Platter, featuring the Warm Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis, Strawberry Romanoff, Ricotta Cheese Aumoniere or the White Chocolate Cheese Cake, all for the price of $380 per person with 10% service charge.